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Like many before us and many that will follow after us, times and tastes can often change and alter. Some things remain as they was from the very beginning and not for just traditional values but for the reasons why they were created.

In 2012 our wonderful Reel Fruits classic amusement arcade was created, taking our classic experience originating from our old Gravesend site, to a new level. When we initially opened the doors of our Maidstone arcade much of it was roped off with some zones 'not ready', but after such a mammoth task we managed to get it to ground and open the doors as our FIRST 7 day a week amusement arcade.

The early days of Reel Fruits were hard going, immense work and lots of pressure. There was so much to do, so many games that had come from 'dead to alive' and an insane learning curve to travel on. There was a time Amelia and I sat at the desk after closing one day and we didn't speak to each other, for around an hour too. We had not fallen out, we just were so overwhelmed with confusion, workload and I guess we were in shock. Going into a BIG place like that was a massive jump and something we feel were not prepared for at the time.

Opening Reel Fruits was one of the greatest things we have achieved and managed in our 9+ years of operating classic amusements. We opened with such an array of vintage and classic games that we have developed handsomely over the years.

Six years on we have found some changes in peoples tastes and although our blueprint for our Maidstone arcade is 'Keeping it Reel' we have realised that some of our players have changed their choices with a surge in our poker, astra games and later hi tech games.

Reel fruits has become more and more localised players rather than travelling customers, this is largely down to people feeling more pressure than ever with finances and also down to people wanting more bite, with that we mean increased stakes and prizes.

Reel Fruits is expanding, with the brand taking the 'lions share' of floorspace in our new Bognor Regis arcade. In Bognor you will find machines that have not been out for a while like Pink Panther, Monopoly, Cash Counter, Line Up, Bodymatch, Dels Millions and many more to name but a few.

Within the Reel Fruits arena will be pushers, cranes, plenty of classic fruits with tokens exchangeable for REAL value in our token shop. It is going to be amazing, with the over 18 in Reel Fruits commanding games such as £15 Max a million, £15 Arabian Nights, Kung Fu, Red Alert and Crazy Pays to name but a few.

Exclusive games such as Hit the Six, Hyper Viper (original 20p £6) and Viva Las Vegas (20p £6) will feature along with classics such as Hypernote and even Smash and Grab.

Maidstone needs some work, and we will be pushing through some intense refurbishment to the entire arcade, literally from top to bottom. The arcade will keep its classic games but also cater for our loyal local players and offer more potential within the jackpot levels.

Maidstone will never house £500 Jackpots under the Reel Fruits banner, and with the average jackpot within our over 18s area not exceeding £15/25 we feel that Maidstone will be well balanced and most importantly it will be a compliment to our current offering whilst keeping it a 'safe haven'.

The arcade has suffered badly with floods and with the premises being 300 years old, it needs some investment, which we have to do. The gold ceiling will be replaced and a new higher ceiling installed, plenty of security and changes to the existing layout. We plan to start the work very soon and also to remain open during the refurbishment program.

Reel Fruits is an arcade that was created from the Mr P's Classic Amusements stable and it is Mr P's Classic Amusements that has been carrying the arcade through its darkest hours. Although the arcade is still busy we must push forward and future proof Maidstone Reel Fruits for the many years to come.

To enusure Reel Fruits can be the force it once was we must have the right team and right games. Over the next few weeks we will be changing many games in the arcade to get ready for the mixture and over 18 aspect.

We would like to thank Justin who has full focus on the future with Maidstone and we will be bringing our thoughts together to ensure the best balance of low stake gaming is enjoyed in the best setting you can imagine! Justin tries his best to give a good atmosphere and vibe for all our visitors. We thank him for his loyal commitment.

You have probably seen the hype and mention of a 'jolly boys (and girls) outing' to our new Bognor Regis arcade?! You also may know that to board the coach you will need a GOLDEN TICKET! The coach will pick up from Gravesend (our ghost arcade where we begun our classic adventure), then to Chatham, Maidstone and then Tonbridge onto Bognor Regis!

Bognor will open on Saturday 2nd March at 11am, and will operate 7 days a week from then on. The arcade will consist of a large family side in the Reel Fruits main arena, with an Over 18's (with no £500s) consisting of mainly £10/£15 Jackpot games. To the left will be the Mr P's Classic Amusements housing everything from £10 to £500 Jackpots. The arcade will be a fun day out for all and we cannot wait to share this great day with you.

The coach is FREE, and a Golden Ticket gets you a free ride there and back to and from the pick up point. You can be dropped at whichever of the four drop off points you wish. On the day a member of the team will meet at each pick up point and board the coach with the players.

You will be met at each location by a member of our team, who (they didn't know this btw) will be JOINING each pool of people on the coach! We will be closing Chatham, Tonbridge and Maidstone for the GRAND OPENING for Bognor Regis. Our wonderful team deserve to come with us with our wonderful players.

It is going to be very special, and you all know how mad our opening days are, so get ready for this one it is going to be BIG!

To book yourself a Golden Ticket you must apply online on our 'Golden Ticket' page or fill out a form in any of the Mr P's Classic Amusements or Reel Fruits arcades. All we ask is to make sure you can DEFINITELY make the coach, it wont cost you a penny, but if you only 'think' you can make it and you don't attend then it will mean someone could of been deprived a seat. The tickets are valid for one player only, and each applicant (in event of couples or friends) must apply individually.

You will be joined on the coach by Justin, Sam, Kev, Jade, Amelia, Dan and Dave. The team will now realise why we have hired a 57 seater but only made 50 seats available.

Thank you all for your LOYAL support and we cannot wait to see you on Saturday 29th for our Christmas/New Year party!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dave, Amelia, Ruby and Scarlett xxxx