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This is home to some of the BEST home collections around!

If you want to show the rest of the world your collection of Fruit Machines or Amusement Machines then this is THE place to do it!

All FREE and we will update it when you update YOUR collection!

JAMES' (aka Geezer & Super7) GAMESROOM!

James is a big fan of Classic Machines and as you will see with through his collection of rare fruit machines and also a superb pusher.

His favourite machines are mainly Barcrest machines, however he also likes his System 5 JPM's but so long as it is a classic he will give the reels a spin. 

James also has an industry leader working for him as his technician. Her name is Eve:


This is James' collection of machines. Watch how his games room was built!

Check out his collection below!

Speak to JAMES on our exciting forum he is username: SUPER7!

Here is the STORY James' Games room was born!

The Machines!


This is Daren's gamesroom. As you can see Daren owns some of the most sought after machines EVER made. How amazing to see a Razzle Dazzle next to a Fortune Numbers. Daren has written a detailed description of his machines below.

Speak to Daren on our exciting forum he is username: DAREN!

Written by Daren himself...

Clearly and in case you haven't already recognised, I'm a 'Crest fan. Not that I wouldn't own something else but these Machines bring back the best memories for me. Like most persons with a collection, I started playing I guess when I was about 10 and recall Butlins Skegness as the first place. I remember the arrivals hall had a Royal Exchange £100, then I recall also Playing an Adders and Ladders (I used to own one) and Line Up, also some JPM's around that era too. At around the same time I Went on a football trip to Jersey and recall a Special Circle on the boat from Portsmouth. It's very strange because back Then, most of the pocket money went on playing these damn things and consequently, not a lot was left for anything else. My folks weren't too pleased about that!

It wasn't really until around 2003 that I thought about owning a machine myself, and so came across Fruit Forums on the internet. It seemed back then that people were genuinely interested in the preservation of older machines and so the MPU Mecca was born. Around that time, maybe a bit before, there was a genuine market in the sale/purchase of these machines and such machines I have in my collection today commanded (and still do to an extent) a very high price. It's fair to say that £500 was the starting point for most £2/£3 MPU3 machines. So, I decided to get my machines in this order:

Royal Exchange £50 - No longer with me. I chose this machine for 2 reasons. 1. It was a lot cheaper that a non-clubber, I think it cost be £70-£100 and 2. My father had one at his works canteen at the old British Gas office in Orpington. I collected the machine from a family in Leicester who used it literally as a money box. They said they'd only ever got the jackpot a couple of times over the years that they had it. It wasn't until I sold it to a Mecca member Graham (known as Superbank) that there was a way to demo the JP in test mode! Oh well. In fact, I think the final destination of the machine was a great chap called Mike Stead (MDS-SAS on the Mecca). It's a great shame the MDS doesn't come to the Mecca anymore. That chap has THE ultimate collection of 80's machines.....note to myself "I must give him a bell sometime"

Adders and Ladders - no longer with me. Trying to recall where I got this from, I think it was from somewhere in London and from a warehouse. Machine was in good condition, in fact all machines I have purchased have had working MPU3's which I'm told is lucky! It was the £3 version so "Super Adders and Ladders". The best bit about this machine was nudging from one nudge square to another, further up the board. No G.A.I.N on this machine so nudge the numbers only if you can count! I believe this was one of the earliest MPU3's, shortly released after Nudges Unlimited. A great machine that I ended up doing a swap with for a Chances Unlimited. Another member of the Mecca, Chris Wren (known as Wizard I guess for his emulation skills amongst other things) needed a set of reels for his adders, so I swapped and gave him another £100 for his chances. It was only then that I

saw Chris's amazing collection of MPU3's - what machine didn't he have?!?!?! In fact, he didn't have a Fortune Numbers or Naughty But Nice but I think that may have changed now. Dartford Carousel and the Ice Rink at Gillingham had one each.

Fortune Numbers Deluxe (£3 JP). I have to admit, when I think about this machine it actually brings back sombre memories for me. It's quite a 'tight' machine and really did take a lot of money off me at a time when I couldn't afford it. So when I saw one on eBay, it was rather strange that I had an overwhelming desire to buy it, at all costs. I paid £900 for it and was, I'm ashamed to say, guilty of ending an auction on eBay early for my outside bid. I travelled past Birmingham to get this one on a Sunday morning. I recall Mecca members getting quite upset at the unknown bidder and to this day, regret I never went through with the auction in a proper manner. The machine itself is a high-top, similar to Razzle Dazzle and but for a lack of exchanges or held nudges, really does compete with the best. I like the long feature board with some good (but standard for the time) features, for instance Guaranteed gamble win, Lucky did and Super Series. That red triangle (not Channel 4 lads!) was the one to land on. This machine is definitely in my top three and is highly sought after by many. Remember playing these in Dartford (Jumborama), Teignmouth Pier in Devon had two next to each other too!

Super Line Up - no longer with me. Well, what can one say about this machine? Truly the daddy of MPU3, probably the best selling, definitely the one you saw the most back then. Think of current arcades with identical machines next to one another and you get a picture of how popular this machine actually was. Great game play, smack the **** and you instantly know your fate. The sounds are terrific and the displays dazzling. A truly great machine and one that has been copied (not very successfully for the most part) over the years. I had this machine tarted up by MDS and converted to new coinage. Selling it was a wrench but decided by two factors: 1. Needed room in my garage for another machine and 2. Dave stuck one in his arcade in my home town Gravesend! No 2. sealed it for me so Dave, don't you dare move it!

Chances Unlimited - I like this machine but it's probably No1 if I was to get rid of one. It's a bit stingy and I always seem to be having to go to the back of the machine and pumping out a few more coins to play on it. Anyway, in the true Barcrest way of that era, it has fast game play and three exchanges which was a new thing for them back then. Cash/Nudges/Super Series exchanges available but the latter still didn't take you past £3 or to another game that could have given you more. Moulded on the Exchanges Unlimited machine. It still has one and it's on old coinage. I used to travel to the Carousel in Woolwich to play this one, on the 96 bus and always came back with nothing!

Snappy Viper - I don't actually recall where I used to see this machine except for one time on a travelling funfair in Paignton one year. This machine is brilliant, my favourite small cab of that era. I picked it up from a chap in Walthamstow for just short of £500 I think. He kept it in his living room which itself had a mini bar in. In fact, I remember thinking that me taking it away would actually make his room less welcoming! The graphics of the machine are really clever and I love the way the Lucky Dips have been incorporated into the feature trail. I think Blue/Orange for the nudge squares looks awesome. The sounds are based on Line-up so when you consider that the game is based on the best MPU3 ever made and given a few improvements here and there, you have one of the best machines ever made. I know Dave wants one. Sorry pal, you can't have mine!

Razzle Dazzle - My favourite of all time. The strange thing is, I only ever recall playing this in two places, Dymnchurch New Beach holiday park (still there, the park that is...) and the kebab shop next to the Two Brewers in Dartford. The RD in the kebab shop had a problem with the 20p slot in that it gave you seven credits. One thing I remember though was that it never gave me a JP. It probably had the block at £1.50 set on the dips. After joining the forums, it was acknowledged that this machine, when coming to auction, was the one on everyone’s list. Only one of two owned up to owning one that I know of, Wizard and Red Rose Leisure. I lost the first one on eBay to an enormous bid of over £1500 if I recall. When the next one came up, I was ready with a couple of grand, so was very pleased to pick it up for £1300 or so. I collected from a place in Essex and bought it back in the car thinking I'd better watch the corners here! When I got it back home, the cabinet was in a bit of a

state and leaned to one side, such was the damage to the wood. I got in touch with MDS who had an old FN cab and he literally rebuilt it for me, used a few tricks to get the black trim looking good and converted to new cash. I LOVE this machine and it comes indoors over winter. The gameplay is the best in my opinion and has some wicked features, like landing on square 1 and respinning to wins which have got me £5 or more. It has unused nudges (max and a lucky dip exchange. 80p or £1 wins, if exchanged for Lucky Dip, will usually get you special series or unlimited nudges. Sorry chaps, but this machine goes to the grave with me!

Nudges Unlimited - My last machine and actually I picked it up about a mile from where I live. This was the first MPU3 built (I believe) and has a £2 JP. Paid about £400 for it and it's in good condition in terms of the glasses but the cab is a bit tatty so I stuck it on wheels. It's simple, like exchanges unlimited but without the exchange and has the basic barcrest sounds that attracted me to them in the first place. If holds a dear place in my memory and is as such, one of my favourite machines.


Aka DaddyAl84 on our forum!

This is Al's collection of machines. He didn't own any for a while, he certainly does now! Each picture supplied by Al also has a short description written by himself.

Al's favourite machines are Roller Coaster and Fast Track. So he is certainly a JPM fan.

Al also loves any classic machines and is not a fan of the new ones. Behind the scenes he is one of the reasons why our forum has become so successful.

Speak to Al on our exciting forum he is username: DaddyAl84!


This is Kevins gamesroom. He is also a lover of the classic fruit machines, but a lover of general seaside amusements too. Each picture supplied by Kevin also has a short description written by himself.

Speak to Kevin on our exciting forum he is username: Big Kev!