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Special Announcement:

(last update 31/10/17)

It has come to attention that there is a alleged party at Reel Fruits Maidstone on Saturday 11th Novemeber 2017.

We must express to you that this is NOT a party day and will be a usual busy Saturday.

Our 5 year party for the arcade that would of been on the 28th October 2017 has been pushed back until 23rd December 2017* where we will host the beast of all parties! This one will be the 5 year bash and Christmas rolled into one.

Please do not come disappointed thinking it is our usual party atmosphere, with our newborn baby arrival it would not be fair for us to pull out stops so soon.

We are unsure at this time where this has been generated from but we will en-devour to find the source asap.

Those of you already planning to come on the 11th we would love to see you but we are always honest and do not wish to raise expectations of one of our super parties when there isn't one on this day.

Any questions please email us through the contact us page.

The Team.

*Date to be confirmed.