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The Machines!

This list is currently being updated.

The machines are split into sections determined by their manufacturer. Note that all sub companies such as BWB, Vivid and Global do have their OWN sections.

NOTE: All machine pictures may be used freely but must mention this website if doing so as all pictures are part of Reel Fruits intellectual property and are subject to copyright.


Barcrest fruit machines

All classic fruit machine lovers will know who Barcrest are. Barcrest were one of the huge fruit machine manufacturers in the 1980s - 1990's. The company still produced fruit machines up until 2013 but are now under the SG Gaming banner. Below are the CLASSIC Barcrest machines currently in the arcade right now for all to enjoy!

BWB fruit machines

Bwb were under the Barcrest umbrella and were generally a manufacturer of rebuild games. There were a few stand alone fruit machines from this iconic brand, some of them you will see here. Enjoy all of these classic fruit machines in our retro amusements.

Maygay fruit machines

Maygay fruit machines were one of the best and most licenced fruit machines of the 1980s - 1990s. The iconic manufacturer produced games such as Italian Job, Cluedo, Simpsons, James Bond 007 and Coronation St. Based in Wolverhampton some of the best titles were produced by Maygay. The very first hi tech with an actual feature board was manufactured by Maygay with the input of R.S Coin. Enjoy these beauty's in the arcade right now!

Project Coin fruit machines

Project Coin fruit machines were some of the most popular games around. Iconic classic fruit machines such as Jokers WIld and 777 Heaven were some of the ground breaking fruit machines of the 1990's. Classic fruit machines such as Hit the Six or Chico the Bandit were also popular titles. Enjoy the following classic Project fruit machines in the UK's largest retro amusement arcade.

Bell Fruit Machines (BFM)

Bell Fruit machines were not always the dire Deal or No Deal format that they continuously churn out today, they were pioneers of innovation. Through the 1980s to 1990s saw the Bell Fruit Machine dominate with some fantastic games. Themed machines such as Only Fools & Horses and Dr Who and special games such as Main Attraction and Around the town featured special buttons and even microphones! Bell Fruit games were always very streaky and quite empty-able on skills too. Enjoy them in the arcade and remember when BFM were innovative and brave with their formats.

JPM Fruit Machines

JPM fruit machines were the 'players machine' of the 1990s. Although there were plenty of classic fruit machines made by JPM in the 1980's, JPM made their mark with thousands of players in the 90s. Classics fruit machines such as Reel Crazy, Nudge Double Up and Each Way Nudger from the 1980s were extremely popular machines. Into the 1990's and ground breaking machines such as Roller Coaster, Popeye, Indiana Jones, Big Banker and many more were getting played across the country. Enjoy these gems in our retro amusements!

Crystal Fruit Machines

JPM also had a sister company called 'Crystal Leisure'. Crystal were a rebuild company remaking the original JPM machines for the lower stake market. Crystal games played virtually identical to their original JPM versions. Some stand alone games were made by Crystal, they were famously machines such as Aladdins Cave, Frankenstein, Money Trail and Thriller. Enjoy some fantastic Crystal fruit machines here!

Ace Fruit Machines

Ace fruit machines were very streaky and there was some MASSIVE wins from these little classic fruit machines! People up and down the country were seeing 'watch for my hidden treasures' and getting Band Aid features galore! Classic Ace fruit machines included Twilight Zone, Camelot, Grand National, Open the Box, Play it Again and Caesars Palace to name just a few! The technology throughout the 90's was the famous SP:ACE mpu which was very ahead of its time.

Astra Fruit Machines

Astra fruit machines have become a household name. Almost everyone has heard of 'Party Time fruit machine' and almost all of us have played them! We have always liked Astra fruit machines from the early days of Riverboat Gambler, Fortune Teller, Wicked Willie and Little Devils. Astra have produced some of the finest lo tech fruit machines to date. Enjoy this small selection of Astra fruit machines in our retro amusement arcade!

Electrocoin Fruit Machines


more to follow tomorrow!