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Here are the Machines!

We have carefully restored every machine in our arcade. Many are EXTREMELY RARE and may be the only one of its kind. All software is original (where possible) and some still have their token jackpots.

They can be hard work to keep going, and very difficult to source parts for. We have built up a large stock of parts for these machines and others from this era.

We hope you enjoy looking at the collection. Please note that they are NOT FOR SALE - Sorry!

We hope to see you soon so you can enjoy the fun and thrill, of playing them for real!

LAST UPDATE: 17/08/2012


Its showtime in Las Vegas! This machine has been acquired due to the HUGE popularity of Magnificent 7's. This is a Trail to End game themed on Las Vegas itself. The Famous Casino's are featured such as Luxor. Become a 'High Roller' for a BIG CASH STREAK. This machine has the famous 'TAXI' and 'HEY HE CHEATED' phrases. Enjoy Barcrest at their best on this NEW addition to the arcade. A Classic Barcrest Fruit Machine.


This great machine is an iconic fruit machine from the 1990's. a simple strategy game, based on gambles. Look out for features such as 'Mega Cash' 'Cash Grab' 'Note Shoot' and 'Cash Climb' to name but a few. This is the original tube version of this machine that was later the inspiration for Buccaneer and Place your bets. A classic Barcrest Fruit Machine.


Shoot Pool! This is an ALL TIME favourite machine. Already a very popular Fruit Machine since its April introduction. This machine is a wrap around trail based game where you play for 'Shots' to achieve better features or cash. Chalk your Cue to avoid losing the game. Pot the Black Ball for JACKPOT. This machine plays very well and gives MULTIPLE JACKPOTS very often. A great machine, from a great company. A Classic Fruit Machine.


The ultimate Barcrest classic for trail to end games! You've got one crystal! Collect your crystals as you progress up the trail. Avoid getting locked in, and build up your nudges on the way. Enjoy features like Aztec or push for the crystal dome...let the fans begin!


This classic Barcrest fruit machine has the classic trail to end, with all the best features and no less than FIVE win streaks for you to collect! Take the Vesuvius at any time, light the roman candles or bounce around the board on the Jumping Jacks! Barcrest put one of their best sound packages on this baby, so don't be a dud, come and play! This machine contains BIG streaks that could seriously increase your wealth! 90's classic fruit machine!


Road Hog lovers you CANNOT beat this! This Classic Barcrest machine has it all! Enter the feature and be chased by the Police. Look out for speed traps and hazards. Watch out you may skid! Go around the roundabouts heading for BIG MONEY or will you C-R-A-S-H? The best feature to get is TOP GEAR, it can go for around £25. Excellent streak on this one, all original £6 Jackpot. Enjoy!


It's all about risque and reward with Viz! Featuring all the characters from the classic magazine...Why not help Roger Mellie become the host with the most, and make sure the nudge pot gets bigger with Tracy and Sandra! The mystery can give anything at all with all sorts of novelty and entertainment. Have you ever managed to pull with Sid? It'll take you to the top of the trail every time! Win or lose, you will never be short of entertainment with this one of a kind Barcrest fruit machine!


Here she is! I hope you have 'Flowers for Flo' as she has been expecting you! This is the original and more popular Andy Capp. In mint condition, this machine will give you a superb gaming experience. Look out for great features such as 'Bar Tender' and '147 Break'. Avoid Flo catching you in the betting shop or at the match. A great classic fruit machine!


This is a classic trail to end game. Visit all the casinos picking up nudges and cash on the way. Packed full of features and hidden bonuses makes this a must play machine. Reach the Cashino for big money. The reapeats can go on and on and on (and on!).


This is the original £6 BWB version of Hyper Viper. A classic fruit machine from the 90's. Snakes and Ladders fans you will love this one! Meet the king of snakes...make sure you bring your antidote! Trail to end game with the twists and turns of snakes and ladders! Look out for the Super Steppa feature it can be s-s-s-s-s-super!


Classic Barcrest Fruit Machine. This trail to end game is inspired by the iconic Duty Free. Enter the feature by wins or overlaid numbers on the fruit symbols. Fly Economy, Club Class but fly First Class for Passport control clearance and DOUBLE moves. look out for Baggage Claim and Duty Free goods. Don't get caught with illegal goods whilst passing through Customs! Great audio and gameplay that is unique. A superb addition to the arcade.


Have you got what it takes to plunder the treasures of the pyramids? Why not find out when you play Luxor! Travel round the board and visit the mazes, or take some cash, nudges and features. Using the reliable and entertaining trail to end design, this machine will keep you on your toes! Reach the end for Tut's Treasures, and explore ALL the mazes picking up goodies! Just watch out for that curse, Tut has his eye on you! Great rewards are given to explorers on this classic Barcrest fruit machine!


*By POPULAR DEMAND* This machine is from my own private collection, and was never meant to be for the arcade. many customers have asked for it, and although some would say it may be 'too new', it actually is 13 years old and runs on IMPACT technology just like the 'Roller Coaster' and such. This is a great Hi / Lo game that is VERY exciting to play. Look out for features such as 'Firemans Lift' (1,7,2,11!) and 'Towering Inferno'. This machine is a GOOD programme that still has the INVINCIBLE mode in it (where all exchanges come down). It also 'swap holds' if you know what I mean *wink, wink*. A Classic by it's own right.


This Only Fools and Horses fruit machine is an all time classic! Based on the crazy capers of Del and Rodney Trotter and their quest to become millionaires. A trail to end game FULL of sounds from the classic comedy. This is the original £8 (Isle of Man) Jackpot format, not the common £10 version you see. Hit Dels Prize for a big win. Many features and twists and turns on this one. A great Classic Fruit Machine. BFM at their best!


A true tribute to the great TV show in the BFM classic! Find no David Tennant and Matt Smith here though, this is made with all sorts of effects from Peter Davidson's years! All the famous elements are here, from the sonic screwdriver, to the TARDIS, to the villains! Why not fly the Tardis for a super feature, or try your skill at the SONIC SPIN feature? Just make sure you don't get exterminated along the way! This machine loves a good streak and repeat on the cashpots, so you can win money that is out of this world when you challenge yourself on this classic fruit machine!


Housey Housey Play Housey Housey! What a way to start the day...Big Breakfast Classic Fruit Machine! A trail to end game with too many features to list! Everyone will remember 'Beat the Banger' and 'Get your Knobbly Nuts Out' they are all there! Look out for the features on the bed such as 'Winning Spins'! Huge streaker this one, even though currently set on 5p £4 it can pay £30-£40 on a run! Look out for 'Super Hints' on this fantastic game. Next time your out and about dont forget to 'Down your Doorstep' over to us to play this iconic fruit machine!


This 1980's Barcrest Fruit Machine is a FOUR reel fruit machine! It is 20p play with a £4.80 token Jackpot. Look out for features such as 'Match It' and 'FInd the Lady'. This retro fruit machine can pay some big money for such a small stake and prize. It is also possible to EMPTY this machine, we will award any successful player a TROPHY on completion! Look out for Money Maker as this feature can pay some BIG MONEY!


BWB video gaming at its best! You're sure to strike it lucky on this classic machine. Line up the wins and Hi-lo gamble on the cards, or exchange onto the feature and try your luck on the casino games. Watch out for the SUPER features as they like to pay big! The marked cards on the gamble will also help you, because we love you to win! One not to miss! Retro Amusments at its best!


This is the £5 version of Cash is King. As it is the £5 version, the machine is VERY RARE. Not many £5 versions of this game were made and kept. The reason is that there is a program flaw where the machine can be emptied, I will keep that hush! This machine is based on the ever popular Fight Night series. It has great sounds and game play to match. All with the added bonus of a Stack of Notes on the side for you to win! This machine is a great game for all to enjoy. Look out for the RED feature for INVINCIBILITY! Maygay Classic Fruit Machine


Cor i like the look of those melons! Maygay's Classic Fruit Explosion fruit machine! A wrap a round game with cash, super hold, nudges and feature stacks. Collect as much fruit as you can as you whizz around the board, avoiding the 'Fruit Reserve' hazard. Reach the Super Jackpot for a 100% guaranteed streak. At least 3 or 4 Jackpots will await you! Listen to the 'saucy' sounds on this excellent fruit machine. Hidden Barcodes can award Jackpot!


Maygay Fruit Machine that need no introduction! based on a trail to end game where you play the Pink Panther! Don't let Coloseau catch you, he will be right behind you! Advance to the Cafe, or reach the Eiffel tower for Jackpot! This machine was made by Bwb & Maygay in partnership. One of the all time great machines that has stood the test of time, and is VERY popular. A Classic Maygay Fruit Machine.


The original 'green' Monopoly by Maygay! This Classic Fruit Machine has stood the test of time and is an all time favourite with all who enter the arcade. Remember the BIG STREAK on this one?? Look out for 'Advance to Mayfair' on this trail to end game. Don't forget if you land on Park Lane you are GUARANTEED JACKPOT so play on!


Maygay machines proudly present War of the Worlds! A space invasion on earth has occured, can you run away with the loot before you get burnt out? A classic wrap around trail based game, this 90's fruit machine is out of this world! Based on Italian Job, this machine likes a streak but is not blocked for Jackpot. Look out for Barcode Features on this rare fruit machine.


Welcome to Thrills & Spills, the fabulous theme park fruit machine! Yes its true the manufacturer IS Global, but its on par with the great games like Spotted Dick. The wrap a round trail is based on a day out in a theme park. Ride the rides for more cash. Win the teddies for bigger wins. The better ticket you buy the better chance of hitting the super jackpot. The game is nice and soft, and the sounds are amazing. It is a great machine to play as is great FUN. It does a £50 + streak too.  


Maygay Classic Fruit Machine. This machine needs no introduction. Everyone in the land will remember Donkey Kong. Light the Donkey Kong name to enter the feature. A trail to end game with 'Barrel Jumps' along the way. Plenty of features and cash wins on this trail to end game makes it well worth a board! Look out for the 'Hi Rise' to turn blue for INVINCIBLE MODE. Reach the top for BIG CASH WINS! A nice streak on this Classic Fruit Machine.



Maygay Classic Fruit Machine featuring Noel Edmunds! I never thought i would say this, but this machine has Noel Edmunds on it BUT its NOT a deal or no deal! Based around his famous Noel's House Party show and the famous Mr Blobby! A great trail to end game where Blobby chases you right to the end. Enter the feature by lighting a line on the matrix (similar to Gladiators Maygay). The more lines lit on the matrix the more advanced you go on the trail. Get a good head start on Mr Blobby or send him on his holiday so he cant get you! Make sure you grab a grand, just dont get gunged on the way! Maygay Classic Fruit Machine.


The murderer is in this very room! A creepy Maygay Classic Fruit Machine. Based on the great Cluedo theme. This is full of SKILL features such as 'Eliminator', 'Find the Murderer', 'Target Practice' and 'Stop n Step'. Select the room as you go around the board to gain your prize. A trail to end game with Jackpot and £3 Repeater at the end. A rare machine now. Maygay at its best.


M1 Technology Maygay Fruit Machine. Based on the cult TV soap Coronation St. This Maygay Fruit Machine is trail to end game, full of the characters you would expect to hear and see on the famous street. Please remember though, that this is a Classic Fruit Machine with ALL the CLASSIC people in too! Look out for Bet in the Rovers Return, or the Garage to see Kev! Enjoy the Jackpot Repeater on this one, it can go on and on! This machine is getting rare now, enjoy the game right here! A Classic Maygay Fruit Machine!


There are only two KNOWN Prize Eastenders Fruit Machines left in the world. We have both of them, one in the arcade and one in our dry storage. The one in the arcade is FULLY functional, and still dispenses the prizes. Not only does this machine payout Cash, but also Tokens AND REAL PRIZES! Originally the Prizes would be watches and T - Shirts that were vacum packed. On getting the three WALFORD symbols the player is awarded the choice of FOUR PRIZES or the £6 Tokens Jackpot. Currently our machine offers a £5 Note, a watch, a lava lamp or a disco ball! Look out for the other great features such as the Cafe, the Laundrette, the Fruit Stall or the Queen Vic. This machine is great fun to play and HIGHLY entertaining!


Watch that Grant Mitchell! It's time to visit the classic pub from the unforgettable soap! Based on Donkey Kong with its gameplay, and with all the classic characters. Pull the pump to win a tasty cash stack, try a snifter of one of many features if you wish! Remember that Cindy's got plenty of secrets that will help you win more! Try to keep away from Grant getting you barred, and reach the top for a big night out! A blue name means INVINCIBLE, and this machine can pay out a HUGE sum of money on a streak, so take a trip to the Vic and hit it big with this classic Maygay machine! Boydiee holds the record for 89 repeats on £1 repeat chance!


This is the ONLY KNOWN one still in existance. Jim Davidson at his best! This has a large spinning wheel as the CASH WHEEL for the feature. Watch it spin you money. Based on 'The Guvnor' this machine is a Mid - Tech game. Pick a button for a TRUE 50/50 chance of a repeat. Big streaks can be achieved on this Classic Fruit Machine.


This is a very CRAZY machine! You may need sunglasses when playing this classic Electrocoin machine as the lights are bright! If you get 3 BARS on the winline you will be awarded £4 ALL CASH and a REPEAT CHANCE. The repeats will hit YES more often than NO! We have seen £40 won from the BARS alone, one Jackpot and NINE repeats! It is essential that you give this machine a go when you visit!


Fancy a taste of something different? This classic Electrocoin is not one to be missed! Designed when John went to Japan, this machine uses a lot of the features and bonuses of the Japanese skill stop Pachislo machines that you might play there. Stake from 2p a line and watch the wins roll in! The bonus for three 7s will pay a streak of 2ps, and watch at random for the middle reel skill feature! This is not a machine to miss if you want a little twist on the fruits! Electrocoin fruit machine from the 1990's.


This is a fantastic JPM fruit machine! Also this machine is one of the rarest JPM machines housed in the Vogue cabinet. Look out for the number reel as you will be given the choice of THREE numbers to gamble on! This machine was well ahead of its time. On the feature you will have various exchange points. Also the '?' bonuses are VERY useful. A nice little cheat for this machine is when you get 'Hit the top' from the HIDDEN FEATURES hold the cancel button down for Jackpot.


This Classic Fruit Machine was a very popular JPM of the 90's. Based on a trail to end game, this game puts its own twists and turns on the classic snakes and ladders theme. Hi / lo your way up the trail collecting cash, nudges and features. Look out for 'roll up' to boost you up the trail. Great audio and fantastic gameplay gives this game such a player following. Do you remember the sands of time feature?! Lots of skill on this great JPM Fruit Machine.

BIG 50 - JPM

Players Delight this machine is! Look out for BIG MONEY wins on this little baby. This machine is one of the most sought after JPM machines ever made. This JPM classic often will run empty of money as it pays some MAJOR money out! look out for Nudge Stepper, Skill features & Lots of tricks on this fruit machine! A true classic JPM that we will happily explain to you when you visit as there is to much to list!



This is a machine that EVERYONE can remember! You must of heard the phrases 'Bronze Level' and 'Silver Level'?! This machine arrived as a complete shell. It took us only 20 minutes to get it running, but a little longer to establish where the red bulbs should be as thay had been removed. This is a fantastic game that allows the player the chance to win some BIG MONEY. Simply move around the board or take your picks to win cash prizes. Remember if the machine plays a tune at the beginning of your feature you are INVINCIBLE!


Roll Up, Roll Up! This is the *ALL TIME* JPM Fruit Machine that people love. The slick gameplay of this classic machine wins a place in all of our hearts. There are so many ways to win the Jackpot on this baby! Don't foget to use the 'cancel' button when collecting the 'Test your Strength' feature. Reach the top for Roller Coaster, the RIDE of your life! Enjoy the WINS rolling in! This was JPM's most popular machine of then vogue cabinet series. Only Red Alert would give this a run for its money! Remember you have to be tall enough to ride!


Big streaks? Funky music? Plenty of SKILL? It can only mean one thing, a classic JPM fruit machine! Grab your wins on the reels, choose your stake, then play for big money on the top reels! Plenty of ways to help you win big, with extra holds, a fruit matrix, and red bars offering you high paying features! Have you got the skill to take on Wild Crack? The Jackpot is out there! This machine is on a very juicy percentage and loves to pay big money out from the reels, so why not give it a blast, it could be you!



This classic JPM fruit machine is not only a rare machine but a BIG PAYOUT machine! There are so many ways to win the jackpot on this one. Look out for hidden features. Hit a 6 on the 'Pang' feature for jackpot. Look out for the hidden key codes! Great techno audio to this machine. JPM at their best!



A trail to end game Iin its orignal format with a £6 token jackpot. Number reel is a real dice and actually rolls as you move up the trail. Sell your car to Boyce or carry on buying goods to make a packet. Look out for the big streaks on this one. This time next year we will be millionares!


Three seagulls on the win line to start the feature. A wrap-around trail game full of surprises. Visit the Arcades, the Pier, Fortune Teller, or perhaps enter the Pub and do some Karaoke! To win on the Karaoke you actually sing into the microphone built into the machine. Very rare. Based on its sister around the town. Bell Fruit at their BEST!


No Astra here, just classic BFM goodness which is FULL of surprises! Grab your wins on the reels, hi/lo GAMBLE them or exchange for features! Sounds simple, right? Well why not add SUPRISE PARTY features into the mix? The trick is in the reelbands! With a potential SUPER feature after each spin, this machine will keep you playing for ages! Oh, and it's also a very nice streaker even on its £3 setting. You can be sure of a good game on us with this classic machine!


Designed for the Mecca Bingo halls. This machine is a Mid-tech game. Based on the iconic Only Fools and Horses sitcom. Enjoy the huge streaks on this machine. Get three vans on the win line and watch the money just go round and round and round! Make sure you pay your bills on time as you may not get away with it every time! Listen out for the telephone, answer it for big money.


A classic wrap around trail game. Get three swags onto the win line to enter the feature. Keep robbing to build up your swag dont get nicked or caught red handed. Complete with the flashing light on the top. See if you can cop the lot. Become an Informer and you will be invincible! Everyones favourite machine.


In this country they drive on the wrong side of the road! Maygay really took the Classic Italian Job to heart when producing this FANTASTIC machine. A wrap a round trail based game with stacking pots. Based on the Classic film this machine with the legendary Michael Caine heavily featured. Nudges, Cash and Features all lead to the SUPER JACKPOT. Watch out for the RED board... You cannot lose! Barcode works on this machine. A BIG streaker.


I'll get you Butler! Maygay produced a great credit to the On the Buses series when producing this great machine. A trail to end game that emulates Stan Butler and Jack Harper on their crazy bus ride from the 'Jobs worth' Inspector Blake. Look out for the thrills of their journey, but don't crash! Packed FULL of sounds from the 'Holiday on the Buses' film. Collect the 'I'll get you Butler' feature for a TRUE SKILL chance to get Jackpot. Look out for the detour on the way. A great credit to the late Reg Varney as he is heavily featured on this machine. A real Classic Fruit Machine.


WOW! Where do I start with this one? Have you ever wanted to play a machine that is NOT predictable? Have you ever wanted to play a machine where no feature board is the same as the previous one? This is the machine for you! Enter the trail by exchanging from a win or by getting three 'Pyramids' on the winline. Move around the trail looking for 'Assorted Coins' or 'Gold Coins'. Check out the Features as you progress. Try 'Reel Skill', 'Spot a Win', 'Nudge Time' or 'Skill Climb' to name but a few. This machine is EXTREMELY addictive and GREAT fun to play! You can last ages with just a few pounds! A Rare and HIGHLY sought after Classic Fruit Machine.


You cannot get enough of these classic Electrocoin fruit machines! This is set on a HIGHER jackpot than our sister Pyramid, and contains some more features such as mysteries on the board to keep the entertainment coming! All the skill is there in the reelskill and cash climb features, and it is TRUE skill, so you won't be cheated! This machine shows in every way with its gameplay and music, that this is what the fruitys should be like! Make sure you give it a good play, you will not be disappointed!



Quick RUN...its Brutus! JPM Classic Fruit Machine. Popeye's Treasure Hunt is a classic trail to end game with FOUR zones. The idea is to run away from Brutus and look for treasure along the way. Listen to the music change as you change zones. A classic game based on the popular Popeye also from JPM. Eat some Spinach to help you get through. Look out for the oasis for the CASHPOT! A great classic fruit machine that is fantastic to play!


Roll up, roll up, come on in! All the fun of the fair on this JPM machine! Ride the ghost train, show your skills on the duck shoot, spin your way down the helter skelter, and much, much more! Do you know what to do to get yourself the Jackpot on the Coconut shy? There is a way...! Just make sure the fair doesn't close! With a late night pass, the fun will keep going and going! So step right up and give it your best!


This classic JPM fruit machine is something quite unique. The player must get 3 bones in view for entry to the feature. Once the feature is active you must then select a dog to race! Will you go for Fritz for a £6 token Jackpot? Perhaps you fancy the £3 Repeat option on Butch? Flash is the low value dog at just £2. A great 1990's fruit machine with the legendary 'BONE-US' bowl!


This is a classic BWB fruit machine from the 1990's. Based on the Barcrest fruit machine this machine is in most peoples memories. A wrap a round trail based game with nudges, knockouts, cash and features. All pots lead to the jewel for Jackpot Repeater! The great audio and super nudges on this machine gives some real power to the game. A must play machine when you visit! This version of the machine is very rare now too.


Andy's at it again in the pub with a simple lotech offering! Any three symbols in view will start a win streak that could pay big! A classic fruit machine based on Red Hot Roll, with the much loved Andy Capp theme! Keep Flo sweet with a blue streak, or let Andy show you a Big Time with a RED HOT streak! How much will you be able to win? Only one way to find out!


This classic Barcrest fruit machine is very iconic! This is the ORIGINAL cabinet and is set on the early software. Look out for lots of HIDDEN wins, and extra bits on this machine. You can even get UNLIMITED nudges on this Barcrest machine! Great Yamaha sounds and SUPERB gameplay. Look out for this on your next visit!


Quiet Please Game On! This is a FANTASTIC Project Fruit Machine. Based on the ever popular darts theme. The game begins with you requiring a certain amount to win, for example: 101 start, 61 for BULL. The idea is that each time you press 'start' a dart is thrown. Each scoring dart will deduct from your score. Get '20' for Bull and skill stop for the Bullseye. The machine gives a 'skill' shot at the Bullseye for £3. A great token payout machine, in great condition. A RARE Classic Fruit Machine.


This is one of the BEST project fruit machines of all time. Simply get 3 ROLL symbols on the win line and watch the machine bring the wins in PROGRESSIVELY! All wins accumulate on this one! Great audio and streaks beyond belief! This machine can pay a tidy sum of money! We searched for many years to find this machine and are pleased to present this to you all!


This machine is one of the most popular machines that Project Coin ever made. Remarkably the only two *KNOWN* survivors we own! This machine is a nice and simple lo tech game, where the JOKERS are WILD symbols! So two BARS and a JOKER means a THREE BAR win etc! Look out for the JOKER to light, you may win some BIG MONEY! The original version is running in this machine, NOT the 5p £3. Enjoy this machine how it was made to be!


Here it is, after a very long wait! Project's 777 Heaven. This Classic Rare Fruit Machine is one of the ALL TIME favourites. We have been requested this machine for a long time. Now, currently on its original £4.80 Jackpot, it is here in Mr P's Classic Amusements. We even have the original program (10p trick). This machine is in MINT condition and is what you have all been waiting for. A real gem of a machine.


Project Coin's Classic Fruit Machine. This Sevens & Melons fruit machine was rescued from a barn in the West Country. After a couple split, the Ex Boyfriend had inspired the lady to sell the machine that almost got smashed up! After intense work it now sits proudly on the arcade floor. With massive streaks and superb game play this machine is one of the most popular games we have. It is in fantastic condition, and has the early software (£4.80 Software). A great machine, full of great 'cheats'! A Classic Fruit Machine.


This Classic Fortune Wheel, was rescued from a Polish House Clearance Yard. As you will remember February 2010 was a month full of adverse weather, very heavy snow. My partner Amelia, went with a member of staff to offer the man money for it. After a brief haggle the machine was acquired for £10. When it arrived at the arcade with no doors, a BADLY damaged PSU and MPU, we cleared all the rubbish INSIDE the machine, including Paint tins, and left it until Mid March to 'dry out'. After extensive work she is now proudly on the arcade floor. This is a great little game that on each win there is a chance for the Fortune Wheel to activate. Hit the Jackpot, get the Crazy Reels, empty the Cashpot or lose the lot! Project Coin's Finest Hour. A great Classic Rare Fruit Machine.


This classic 1980's JPM fruit machine needs no introduction! This is one of my *ALL TIME* favourite machines! i used to love chasing the CRAZY STREAK, normally getting nudges instead! Set on a £4 Jackpot, this is the deluxe version. Many prefer this version as it has the ability to hold over to 40/50 nudges at any one time. This is a great addition to the fleet. A classic JPM fruit machine from 1984.


This machine is a great SKILL based fruit machine from Bell Fruit Machines. This famous machine is often mistaken for being called 'Winning Streak'. The machine is SKILL on the feature SKILL CASH and reel match often allows the Winning Streak and Jackpot symbols to be hit! The audio on this machine is fantastic. Listen out for the doorbell and 'Ice Cream Van' sounds! A great machine that if you can hit your skill's you will enjoy a profitable experience!


One of the MOST POPULAR machines in the arcade. This great JPM Fruit Machine is a low tech loved by ALL whom play it. Still on its ORIGINAL £4.80 Jackpot and its original settings makes the gameplay exciting and excellent value for money. Try putting £5 in without a win, or even £2..this machine constantly plays well. I strongly advise giving it a go when your here. Running on MPS2 this machine indicates how machines DID play, and SHOULD play. A great Classic Fruit Machine from a great era.


A gentle and easy to play classic machine from Electrocoin! Of course, it will be on a HIGH payout giving you a better game and more chances to win! Simply hold the fruits and nudge in the wins to build up your bank! Watch out for the wins holding on the line, and for the machine to 'flash' for wins! There's a juicy streak in this one with plenty on the way to keep you entertained! Sometimes the best things are the most simple, so don't give this a miss!


This is our Compact Super Bar X! A great little game at only 10p play with a £5 ALL CASH JACKPOT! A good streak too! Look out for the hold after nudge hidden wins, will you get the X's OR the Bars!