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Welcome to Weekly Reels!

Weekly Reels is a weekly write up of the events inside and outside of Reel Fruits amusements arcade!

Updated every week*

*If possible due to extreme workload!

Last Update: 13th January 2019

Hello Fruits,

This is our first weekly reels of the year and it has been one mental rollercoaster behind the scenes!

We have been working flat out lately on some of our old games that have been in our storerooms, some that have sat idle for ages too!

Saturday just gone we finally pulled two classic JPM machines our of our workshop corridor. The two games are JPM Moneybelt and JPM Note Exchange and are currently under test to ensure they are ready to rock in the arcade. These two classic beasts will be launched this week and will be two great additions. Whether they will remain in Maidstone or venture off to Bognor Regis Reel Fruits remains to be seen.

There have been a fair few new additions into the arcade lately. We have a rare Maygay called Bar Trekkin, this has a whopping streak of £60 and is a game where you do NOT need to necessarily play for a Jackpot. Also added is Bubble & Squeak, another Bar X, Big Deal poker and there are a few work in progress machines too!

We hope to launch Super Jester in the next few days with Crown Jester also looking for a place in the arcade.

Maidstone has some great things lined up for it this year, and believe me there is some incredible mouth watering games that are about to come through.

So as Reel Fruits is about to embark on a seaside adventure we have been working around the clock (even through the festive season) to deliver Bognor Regis on time.

Our Bognor Regis arcade will be opening on Saturday 2nd March 2019 at 11am. There will be a coach taking all that wish to join us all for the journey down the coast!

Golden Tickets are still available but they ARE going fast, if you would like to board the coach then apply on the GOLDEN TICKET tab! You do not have to return on the coach if your staying down there or you want to return at a different time, but the coach ride will be fun all the way and that is a promise!

The arcade will get a little shuffle about with a new layout. We will be striving to test new games and bring back old favourites. With Reel Fruits arcade heading to the coast in partnership with our sister arcade Mr P's Classic Amusements we can experiment with different ideas, concepts and games in our Maidstone arcade.

Machine of 2018 for Maidstone Reel Fruits was, no surprise, Astra Vegas Nights. There is not a day where this fantastic three player is not enjoyed. The machine is the backbone of the arcade, and this is not down to financial aspects, it is down to the sheer thrill and buzz for the players!

It is an exciting year ahead for the group of arcades and this does include our cherished Reel Fruits.

We hope you all have a year full of fruit & nudge, we look forward to seeing you all very soon,

Be Lucky,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett xxx